DIY troubleshooting

Step #1

Inspect your air filter. Air filters can be found at the inside unit or a larger vent called the "cold air return" inside your home. Change/clean if needed.

Step #2

Confirm your thermostat is set to the proper cool/heat position.If Digital,do you have a display showing? If there is not a display showing, check for batteries and move to step#3

Step #3

Your system should have 2 circuit breakers, (1) for inside, (1) for outside. Verify these are turned on. Call for service if these feel HOT, will not reset, or smell like burnt plastic.

Step #4

Confirm if the indoor and outdoor units are on and running. If you just reset breaker from Step #3, wait five minutes. Equipment may be in a delay.

Step #5

 Check safety float switch located at indoor unit. Remove top cap, is it full of water? If so, this could be a clogged drain line or other issue causing this.  Call for service. 

Step #6

Hopefully following these steps helped you get your system back on-line and running. If not feel free to call us and schedule a service call. 

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